Child care educator helping group of children to tie shoelaces in child care classroom at Papilio Artarmon

Our People

Our People

Our experienced and highly qualified team at Papilio Artarmon are passionate about preparing your child for school life and beyond. To achieve this, our educators nurture each child individually through their early education journey, to help them develop a lifelong love of learning. We take pride in providing a stimulating environment for children of all ages, while also providing the support, encouragement and parent updates to help each child progress.

Many of our educators have been teaching here for five years or more, and our professional development program ensures they keep up with changes in the Early Childhood sector. Our multi-cultural team includes Korean, Mandarin, Polish, German, Tagalog and English speakers.

Whether your child is enrolled in our nursery, toddler child care, preschool or prep program, our staff have the knowledge and skills to grow your child's natural interest in learning. Our Healthy Children program incorporates Chinese bilingual classes, yoga, soccer, cooking and gardening in our weekly routine. This helps your child become an adaptable and fast-paced learner from an early age, which will benefit them for years to come. We encourage you to come in and meet our team!

Meet our Senior Centre Manager

Alison Manning

Alisons passion for the childhood industry developed from working with an early intervention clinic for a family member with special needs. This motivated Alison to pursue a career working with children as she realised how much she loves to work with and help children and how she can positively impact childrens lives through her gentle, understanding and empathetic nature. Alison also understands the needs of what busy parents need as she has two children herself aged 4 and 9.

Years in childcare

14 years in the industry


Diploma of Early Childhood

What makes you passionate about working in childcare?

I believe I work in the best industry, we have the opportunity to play a vital role in  the development of children. Our role is so rewarding and the best part is we are repaid in cuddles! The relationships we build not only with the children but the Educators and the families are so personal and like no other - you become one big family.

What is the funniest or most memorable moment you can share from working in childcare?

I have too many to pick just one. We are blessed to see children reach milestones, start to walk, talk and learn new things every day. To see their happy little faces when they reach milestones like this and during everyday fun activities is so much fun.

But also the "mouths of babes" children make me laugh with their sense of wonder and honesty. Their truth sometimes is second to none.

Why do you believe your centre is an excellent choice for parents seeking the best childcare?

I believe our centre is an excellent choice as we work in a holistic environment that allows for the individual needs and uniqueness of each child, educator and parent. There is no judgement on any part and this level of acceptance promotes a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere for all involved. The gratitude and appreciation from our parents is what drives us to continue with what we do. Our centre is engaging and evolving. We are always looking at how we can grow and develop as educators to benefit not only ourselves but the children and families that we work with.